Oven-baked dog treats - a Swedish quality product  Sv_flagga

We offer you a dog treat baked in an industrial oven. By adding the dough with different fresh Swedish and local produced ingredients, we now have a broad range of tasty and healthy dogtreats ( bisquits). The flavours and colours comes from minced raw animal products. Also ingredients from land and sea living plants.

Godis produkter

To mention some ingredients we use pig ears, oxliver, chicken, beetroot juice, sea weeds, algae etc. Our dogtreats contains 100% natural ingredients without any synthetic additives. Naturally all products are sugar free. In addition we also produce them environmentally friendly.

All varieties contains different vitamins and minerals, plus Omega 3 and Omega 6 by rapeseed oil which is added more or less
in all products. We focus all our business on the wholesalers market and have no sales to individual stores or privat persons.

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